Foro Italico is a beautiful park with a scenic walking path along the water next to the Port of Palermo.

Venturing along Foro Italico, one can find locals and tourists alike walking, running, and sitting on the rocks enjoying the spectacular view.

On the other side of the path, there is a grassy area where one can find youths playing soccer as well as an area filled with trees.

Foro Italico is unique in that it is one of the only parks, apart from the Port, alongside the water. The park is easy to access: from Balarm Hostel, simply go to Via Vittorio Emanuele and walk down the street in the direction of the water (northeast), then make a right. You can’t miss it!

The park is always open, but it is particularly beautiful around sunset. During this time, many people are out running, walking, and enjoying the cool evening before dinner. You can’t miss it!

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