Mondello Beach is the closest beach to Palermo, and it is truly a sight to see. It’s crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches make it an attraction you can’t miss!

The symbol of Mondello is the striking Art Nouveau building on a pier in the middle of the bay, the Charleston. Dating back to the more elegant heyday of the resort, this has been restored and sits in yellow glory over the blue waters of the bay, while children splash around below. There’s a smart restaurant here, a bar and a paying beach establishment.

How to get to Mondello from Hostel?

Even if you don’t have a car, it’s easy to get to in about thirty minutes with public transportation:
1) buy a ticket for Bus 806 at the tabaccheria across the street from Balarm hostel,
2) cross the street and catch the bus number 101 or 102,
3) change the bus in Via Libertà to 806, then ride the bus until you see the beach!

Mondello is a great place for soaking up some sunlight and going for a refreshing swim during the heat of the day, and it is even a great attraction at night! Many walking along Mondello by night, perhaps stopping for a bite to eat or a gelato from one of the many vendors around the beach.